About Us

We have something for everyone at Ceviche by the Sea. Peruvian cuisine is famous for blending together flavors from a variety of cultures. The result is a delectable selection of dishes.

At Ceviche by the Sea, the quality of our food is our highest priority. Made from fresh ingredients, our dishes feature savory flavors that can’t be beat.

Don’t leave without trying Peru’s national dish and our house specialty—ceviche. The best ceviche is served simply, with only 3 to 5 added ingredients to truly bring out the flavor of the fresh catch. From our classic ceviche to our Vuelve a la Vida—a mix of tiger shrimp, Maine scallops, squid, octopus and more—we guarantee once you try it, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Conveniently located right near the water, Ceviche by the Sea is perfect for a pick me up after a day at the beach. We also offer lunch delivery ($20 minimum) and take out.

Visit us today! We look forward to seeing you.

Latest News & Reviews

We are proud to be a Best of Broward/Palm Beach 2014 winner and to have been featured in several local publications. Check it out below!

Ceviche by the Sea is some catch

Today in the “SunSentinel” (Showtime section) proud Peruvians showing to the world our “Ceviche” and variety of delicious dishes.

“Ceviche by the Sea is some catch. With a 24-year-old in the kitchen, this Peruvian restaurant balances tradition and innovation…”

Ceviche by the Sea in Fort Lauderdale: a First Glance

“Peruvian food is kind of a big deal these days. Ceviche, one of the country’s most famous dishes, was once strange and exotic, but now pops up on menus all over the place…”


Best Peruvian Restaurant: Ceviche by the Sea

In Peru, ceviche is typically consumed on the beach; in fact, it’s not uncommon to find sand in the bottom of its serving dish. If you’re looking to get a legit Peruvian experience, you really should be near the shore (even if you’re not actually in the sand). You really should try Ceviche by the Sea.

Ceviche by the Sea: A Taste of Peru Awaits in Riverwalk

Go Riverwalk is Fort Lauderdale’s City Magazine covering arts, entertainment, business and lifestyles. We are very proud to have been featured in their August 2013 issue in the Dining Destination section.

“Chef Carlos has a knack for adding innovative twists to classic Peruvian dishes, resulting in a number of surprising gastronomic delights that leave your taste buds surprised, inspired and definitely hungry for more.”

“…and with an inordinately amicable staff, beautiful interior and a multitude of stunning, savory dishes, Ceviche by the Sea hit a homerun here in Fort Lauderdale.”